Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Montalbano & The Gull's Dance

The next and tenth episode in this second run of Inspector Montalbano, at 9pm on 27 October, is The Gull's Dance, based on The Dance of the Seagull book, the fifteenth in Camilleri's series. The Dance of the Seagull is to be published in the US in February 2013 (and hopefully later in March 2013 in the UK).

Fazio is missing. He's not at home, his mobile is switched off and his father is worried. Believing that the young officer had been working a secret investigation on his own, Montalbano fears that Fazio may be in serious trouble and a frantic search is mounted in an effort to find him alive.

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Anonymous said...

Karen - I'm very much looking forward to this book. Thanks for highlighting it. I really hope the Montalbano TV series becomes available where I live soon.