Thursday, October 04, 2012

From Lynley to Gamache

Very British thesp Nathaniel Parker, probably best known for playing Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley, has been cast as Quebecois Chief Inspector Armand Gamache in Still Life, based on Louise Penny's novel. From her website:

STILL LIFE (PDM Entertainment): Based on the award-winning novels by international best-selling author Louise Penny, comes an event TV movie about murder in a small town. The village of Three Pines, Quebec may seem tranquil, but all is not as it appears. In this psychological thriller that combines Hitchcock with Christie, death comes to this peaceful Eden, and brings with it Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, the head of Homicide for the Surete du Quebec. Here he discovers that nature, both human and otherwise, is capable of great beauty, and great cruelty. Beneath the exterior of the pretty little village, dark secrets lie hidden. Behind cheerful smiles, hurtful thoughts swirl. As he digs deeper, Chief Inspector Gamache finds old sins, buried alive. Rancid and stinking. And now, one of those secrets has surfaced, and created a corpse. C.I. Gamache must follow the trail of smiles and lies, of courtesy and cruelty. To the killer.

From her Facebook page:
Stanbridge East, in Quebec's Eastern Townships is standing in for Three Pines

Nathaniel Parker has recently been in Merlin:

and will appear next Friday (12th) in a new BBC Comedy, Me and Mrs Jones:


Maxine Clarke said...

This is a very popular series, so I am sure the TV version is set for success! Mind you, I can never get over him as a sleazy villain in one of the early Prime Suspects.

Kathy D. said...

I loved Nathaniel Parker as Inspector Lynley (sigh).

So, I'm sure I'd enjoy seeing him at Inspector Gamache. It's just hard to get these programs across the pond.

But I'll wait and if something pops up, it'll undoubtedly be publicized in the mystery blogosphere.