Monday, March 22, 2010

Swedish Wallander returns to BBC4

Good news for fans of Krister Henriksson's Wallander as the second series starts next Saturday on BBC4 at 9pm (thanks to Alison for the heads-up). There have been some changes to the cast and Lena Endre (who can be glimpsed as Erika Berger in the film of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) joins as Katarina Ahlsell.

The English title for Hämnden is The Revenge. The synopsis according to is:

Kurt Wallander has made the dream of his life come true. He has bought a house by the sea. He takes long walks with his faithful companion, the Labrador Jussi. Kurt feels more content and in harmony with his life than ever. All of a sudden the calm in idyllic Ystad is broken by a powerful explosion which makes the entire town go black. What has been blown up is the only transformer station in Ystad.

The explosion is followed by several other deeds. Military is called in and a state of emergency is proclaimed. Ystad starts to look like a war zone. But is it sabotage or an act of terrorism? There is chaos and chased by media, Wallander fumbles in the dark, looking for terrorists or perpetrators.

Here's the subtitle-free trailer for Hämnden :


ainelivia said...

Whoopie, can hardly wait, thanks.

Maxine said...

Thanks for the post. I am definitely looking forward to this, having been disappointed by the English version.

I had this idea that a different actor played Wallander in the second series, but maybe I imagined it.