Friday, March 12, 2010

Covers from the same front garden?

Petrona and I spotted these in Waterstone's on Monday, both are published by Orion:

Update (perhaps this is the garden?):


Maxine Clarke said...

Hee hee, very funny ;-)

Martin Edwards said...

I find these 'coincidences' that you keep finding quite fascinating.

Donna said...

You could make a story using those:

As I watched THE NEIGHBOUR burying his wife under the patio I said "Don't you thing that's a bit TOO CLOSE TO HOME?"

He shrugged and lifted the shovel high above his head. "Nosey cow, YOU'RE NEXT."

Maxine Clarke said...

You should enter that in Margot's competition, Donna! (Confessions of a Mystery Novelist blog).

Very funny!!

Amy said...

Doesn't look like that welcoming of a home, does it? That picket fence screams 'bodies in the basement'.
Seriously, anyone who has time to paint those damn things has a criminal mind.