Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jo Nesbo news

A brief snippet from the latest Jo Nesbo newsletter:
The Leopard (Harry Hole #8) will come out in the UK in March 2011, and exactly one year later, The Bat Man (Harry Hole #1) will finally be published in English!
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Jo Nesbo talks about The Leopard in this interview, apparently it's a long book (the others aren't short!) dwelling more on Harry and his personal life than in earlier books:


Fiona said...

Also, I noted this the other day, in the author biog on the amazon page of the next Indridason, a standalone this year:

"Harvill Secker will publish Outrage, the next Reykjavik Murder Mystery, in 2011."

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Ooh thanks for that. I really enjoyed Hypothermia, shame there's a big wait for the next one. I've updated my database.

Maxine said...

Yes, thanks for that Fiona. That's three books to look forward to, two Nesbos and an Indridason. Sounds like the start of a song!