Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Website updates - December

Today, I've refreshed a good chunk of the Euro Crime website:
  • The Author Websites page now lists 801 sites.*

  • The New & Upcoming Releases pages have been updated.

  • In Bibliographies there are now bibliographies for 1504 authors (7715 titles with links to 1641 reviews):

  • I've added new bibliographies for: Yaba Badoe, John Baird, Barbara Baraldi, Sean Cregan, Ella Griffiths, Luigi Guicciardi, Bruno Hare, Peg Herring, Mike Hodges, Erin Kelly, Zygmunt Miloszewski, Tom Morton, Christi Phillips, Martin Stratford, Robert Tenison, Jeri Westerson, Philip Wilding, Conrad Williams, Patrick Woodrow and Nancy Means Wright.

    I've updated the bibliographies (ie added new titles) for: Paul Adam, Catherine Aird, Kate Atkinson, Colin Bateman, Carrie A Bebris, Tonino Benacquista, Mark Billingham, Benjamin Black, Richard Blake, Stephen Booth, John Brady, Simon Brett, Frances Brody, Karen Campbell, Aifric Campbell, Ottavio Cappellani, Jacques Cressex, John Connolly, N J Cooper, Clare Curzon, Carola Dunn, Jeremy Duns, R J Ellory, Helen Fitzgerald, Karin Fossum, Nicci French, Elizabeth George, Ann Granger, J M Gregson, Allan Guthrie, Cora Harrison, Mo Hayder, Mick/M Herron, Matt Hilton, Graham Ison, Claude Izner, Rebecca Jenkins, Mari Jungstedt, Jim Kelly, Bernard Knight, Martin Langfield, Patrick Lennon, Stuart MacBride, Henning Mankell, Scott Mariani, Brian McGilloway, Pat McIntosh, Shirley McKay, Dreda Say Mitchell, Nick Oldham, Sarah Pinborough, Sarah Rayne, Matt Benyon Rees, Rosemary Rowe, Pauline Rowson, Craig Russell, Kate Sedley, EV Seymour, Zoe Sharp, Jeffrey Siger, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Nicola Slade, Sally Spencer, Cath Staincliffe, Aline Templeton, Mark Timlin, Lucie Whitehouse and Anne Zouroudi.
    *Note to authors: I have removed a few websites that seemed defunct but if I am now missing yours, do let me know and I'll reinstate it.


    kathy d. said...

    Thank you very much for doing this.

    Just looking at what has been added is making me tired, thus leading to more appreciation of all that goes into maintaining this great website blog.

    My only frustration is that books are published in Europe and not available here in the U.S. for a long time, so one gets excited about a new book (or author) and then can't find it here, including at the public library.

    Zoƫ Sharp said...

    Hi Karen

    Just wanted to say thank you for updating my info, and to congratulate you on the amount of work you've done on the site. It's an invaluable resource ;-]

    Have a great Christmas, and a happy, healthy and lucky 2010 ;-]

    Jeri Westerson said...

    Hey, thanks for including me in your biblios. And a note to Kathy, I may write about Europe (well, medieval England) but my books are published first in the U.S. so they are available all over the place. :)

    maxim said...

    any chance of including my novels there (as opposed to my anthologies)?