Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OT: Foxy in the Snow

Here's Foxy in the snow on Christmas Day, up to his ankle in the stuff. We only had an inch or so in this part of the world and the heavy snow predicted for today hasn't arrived yet.

I've been rather quiet as my pc has had a back-up/delete/re-install over the festive period. It had become rather slow to the point of un-usability (as those who use Windows probably know about) and it seems to be better for now.

I hope to post some more crime fiction related stuff shortly.

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Maxine Clarke said...

We haven't had any snow yet this holiday - but it has been very cold and rainy for the past 2 days. Foxy looks to be having fun!

Hope you get the computer sorted out soon - I'm looking forward to some reviews and posts at euro crime!

happy new year...