Saturday, March 31, 2007

Who Is Lou Sciortino?: A Novel about Murder, the Movies, and Mafia Family Values

Here's one to interest Camilleri fan, Uriah at Crime Scraps. This will be out in May in the US and June in the UK.

Synopsis (from
Lou Sciortino, grandson of the most feared boss of the L.A. mafia, has Prozac in his pocket and the Godfather in his blood. He knows he can't escape The Family but settles for laundering their money in peace - or so he thinks. When a bomb explodes at his film company's offices he's sent to Sicily 'for some sunshine' but ends up on the trail of a wannabe rock star who may or may not be linked to the shooting of a policeman in Uncle Mimmo's shop. In this crazy world where your friends are not your friends, killers are glamorous in black Armani, and grandfathers to be feared above all men, can the inimitable Lou solve the murder? Ottavio Cappellani's mesmerizing debut is punchy, pacy and truly stylish: a page-turner that takes Italy's biggest cliche and explodes it from every angle.

You can read more at the author's agent's page.

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