Monday, March 05, 2007

ITV1 - Fallen Angel (the wait is almost over)

Andrew Taylor's 'Roth Trilogy' has been made into a 3 part tv drama called Fallen Angel, starring Emilia Fox and Charles Dance. It will be on ITV1, next Sun - Tue (11-13th March) with a behind the scenes documentary on ITV3 on 14th March.

There is an an article here about the story plus more on Andrew Taylor's website and you can watch a sneak preview here.

If you miss the tv show, the DVD is out on the 19th and of course there's always the omnibus edition of the books!


Anne Brooke said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to that one! Bet it's not as good as the books though - they're fantastic!



Anonymous said...

I watched the first part to this on Sunday night, and i can say im totally hooked on it. Its amazing and cant wait for 2nd part tonight.

Anonymous said...

i'm watching the 2nd series now but i missed the first part. i love it tho. i'm studing the series for psychology - minds of a murderer formed through childhood.
:D great programme tho