Monday, June 22, 2020

US Cozy Review: Murder by the Book by Lauren Elliott

Welcome to another entry in my irregular feature: US cozy review. I recently posted this review on  my library's Facebook page.

I also posted about a way to find 'US cozies' on the Birmingham Library Catalogue  which might be useful if your Library Service uses Spydus.

Murder by the Book by Lauren Elliott

Several tragedies lead Boston Librarian Addie Greyborne to move to the small New England coastal town of Greyborne Harbor. She has inherited her previously unknown great aunt’s estate including a large house and rare book collection. Addie decides to set up her own second-hand and rare books, book-shop, called ‘Beyond the Page’.

Addie has barely opened her new store when things begin to happen including nearly being run-over, a feud with her business neighbour from one side of her shop, a new friendship with her neighbour from the other side of her shop, Serena of SerenaTEA, and a burglary almost under her nose.

The action doesn’t stop there with Addie being persistently targetted at home and at work with actual and attempted break-ins. Fortunately her new friend Serena’s [handsome] brother is the chief of police…

When her friend is arrested for murder Addie decides to clear her friend’s name with or without the police’s help.

This is the first in a new series and the author’s debut. It is quite busy, with never a dull moment. The fairly complicated plot revolves around books and offers some insight into rare-book dealing. It does take a while for the main characters to catchup with the reader regarding why Addie is suffering all these events but it is an enjoyable read overall, if a little frustrating at times.

If you like crime books that don’t contain any or much swearing, mostly off the page violence and a dash of romance with the mystery then this could be for you.

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