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International Dagger Speculation (2020)

What with one thing and another, I'm very tardy with my International Dagger Eligibles list. The longlist is to be announced on Friday, 5 June.

So here are the translated crime novels published between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020 ie the period of eligibility. There's 69, cf 98 last year.

NB. The CWA website has the list of official submissions of which there are 44 (which I've marked with an *. I'm assuming this is an up to date list).

In the list below I've also included the country of birth and gender of the author(s) plus the translator's name (where known) and the publisher.

The breakdown by gender is 48 Male, 20 Female, 1 Male & Female team.
Authors are from 19 countries. The most represented country is Sweden (13) followed by Germany (9), Italy (8) and Norway (8). Over 50 translators (including pairs of translators) brought you these titles, with at least 10 individuals having translated more than one. (I've put "tbc" when I cannot find the name of the translator.)

April 2019 - March 2020


Jussi Adler-Olsen - The Washington Decree (Denmark, M) (tr. Steve Schein, Quercus)
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Victim 2117 (Denmark, M) (tr. William Frost, Quercus)*
Stefan Ahnhem - Motive X (Sweden, M) (tr. Agnes Broomé ,Head of Zeus)
Boris Akunin - Not Saying Goodbye (Russia, M) (tr. Andrew Bromfield, W&N)*
Edoardo Albinati - The Catholic School (Italy,  M) (tr.  Antony Shugaar, Picador)*

Heine Bakkeid - I Will Miss You Tomorrow (Norway, M) (tr. Anne Bruce, Raven Books)*
Enzo Bartoli - Six Months to Kill (France, M) (tr. Alexandra Maldwyn-Davies, Thomas & Mercer)
Lina Bengtsdotter - For the Dead (Sweden, F) (tr. Agnes Broomé, Orion)
Mattias Berg - The Carrier (Sweden, M) (tr. George Goulding, MacLehose Press)*
Katarzyna Bonda - Girl at Midnight (Poland, F) (tr. Filip Sporczyk, Hodder & Stoughton)

Oliver Bottini - The Dance of Death (Germany, M) (tr. Jamie Bulloch, MacLehose Press)*
Marion Brunet - Summer of Reckoning (France, F) (tr. Katherine Gregor, Bitter Lemon Press)*
Simone Buchholz - Mexico Street (Germany, F) (tr. Rachel Ward, Orenda Books)*

Andrea Camilleri - The Other End of the Line (Italy, M) (tr. Stephen Sartarelli, Mantle)*
Massimo Carlotto - Blues for Outlaw Hearts and Old Whores (Italy, M) (tr. Will Schutt, World Noir)
Donato Carrisi - Into the Labyrinth (Italy, M) (tr. Katherine Gregor, Little, Brown)*
Hannelore Cayre - The Godmother (France, F) (tr. Stephanie Smee, Old St Publishing)*

Luca D'Andrea - Sanctuary (Italy, M) (tr. Howard Curtis & Katherine Gregor, MacLehose Press)*
Maurizio De Giovanni - Cold for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone (tr. Italy, M) (Antony Shugaar, World Noir)

M T Edvardsson - A Nearly Normal Family (Sweden, M) (tr. Rachel Willson-Broyles, Pan Macmillan)

K Ferrari - Like Flies from Afar (Argentina, M) (tr. Adrian Nathan West, Canongate Books)*
Ivo Fornesa - Death in Saint-Chartier (Spain, M) (tr. Allen Young, Allison & Busby)*
Agnete Friis - The Summer of Ellen (Denmark, F) (tr. Sinead Quirke Kongerskov, Soho Press)

Jorge Galan - November (El Salvador, M) (tr. Jason Wilson, Constable)*
Johana Gustawsson - Blood Song (France, F) (tr. David Warriner, Orenda Books)*

Alexander Hartung - Blood Ties (Germany, M) (tr. Fiona Beaton Thomas & Mercer)
Alexander Hartung - Broken Glass  (Germany, M) (tr. Fiona Beaton Thomas & Mercer)*
Chan Ho-Kei - Second Sister (Hong Kong, M) (tr. Jeremy Tiang, Head of Zeus)*
Anne Holt - A Grave for Two (Norway, F) (tr. Anne Bruce, Corvus)*
Jorn Lier Horst - The Cabin (Norway, M) (tr.  Anne Bruce, Michael Joseph)*
Jorn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger - Death Deserved (Norway, M) (tr. Anne Bruce, Orenda Books)*

Mai Jia - The Message (China, M) (tr. Olivia Milburn, Head of Zeus)
Anna Johannsen - The Body on the Beach (Germany, F) (tr. Lisa Reinhardt, Thomas & Mercer)*
Ragnar Jonasson - The Island (Iceland, M) (tr. Victoria Cribb, Penguin)*

Lars Kepler - Lazarus (Sweden, B) (tr. Neil Smith, HarperCollins)*
Volker Kutscher - The Fatherland Files (Germany, M) (tr. Niall Sellar, Sandstone)*

David Lagercrantz - The Girl Who Lived Twice  (Sweden, M) (tr. George Goulding, MacLehose Press)*

Stefan Malmström - Kult (Sweden, M) (tr. Suzanne Martin Cheadle, Silvertail Books)*
Marco Malvaldi - The Measure of a Man (Italy, M) (tr. Howard Curtis, Europa Editions)
Deon Meyer - The Last Hunt (South Africa, M) (tr. K L Seegers, Hodder & Stoughton)*
Maria Luisa Minarelli - Murder in Venice (Italy, F) (tr. Lucinda Byatt, Thomas & Mercer)
Guillaume Musso - The Reunion (France, M) (tr. Frank Wynne, Weidenfeld & Nicolson)*

Jo Nesbo - Knife (Norway, M) (tr. Neil Smith, Harvill Secker)
Mads Peder Nordbo - Cold Fear (Denmark, M) (tr. Charlotte Barslund, Text Publishing)*
Andreas Norman - The Silent War (Sweden, M) (tr. Ian Giles, riverrun)*

Kristina Ohlsson - The Flood (Sweden, F) (tr. Marlaine Delargy, Simon & Schuster)
Sergio Olguin - The Fragility of Bodies (Argentina, M) (tr. Miranda France, Bitter Lemon Press)*
Riku Onda - The Aosawa Murders (Japan, F) (tr. Alison Watts, Bitter Lemon Press)*
Martin Osterdahl - Ten Swedes Must Die (Sweden, M) (tr. Peter Sean Woltemade, AmazonCrossing)*

Leonardo Padura - Grab a Snake by the Tail (Cuba, M) (tr. Peter Bush, Bitter Lemon Press)*
Mercedes Pinto Maldonado-  Letters to a Stranger (Spain, F Jennie Erikson, Lake Union Publishing (with Amazon Crossing))

Marit Reiersgaard - The Girl With No Heart (Norway, F) (tr. Paul Norlen, Gyldendal Norwegian Press)
Stein Riverton - The Iron Chariot (Norway, M) (tr. Lucy Moffatt, Lightning Books)*
Roslund-Hellstrom, Three Hours (Sweden, M) (tr. Elizabeth Clark Wessel, riverrun)*

Lars Schutz - The Alphabet Murders (Germany, M) (tr. Caroline Waight Schütz, Manilla)
Mi-ae Seo - The Only Child (Korea, F) (tr. Yewon Jung, Point Blank)*
Yrsa Sigurdardottir - The Absolution (Iceland, F) (tr. Victoria Cribb, Hodder & Stoughton)*
Lilja Sigurdardottir - Cage (Iceland, F) (tr. Quentin Bates, Orenda Books)*
Gunnar Staalesen - Wolves at the Door (Norway, M) (tr. Don Bartlett, Orenda Books)*
Jesper Stein - Die For Me (Denmark, M) (tr. Charlotte Barslund, Mirror Books)*
Viveca Sten In the Shadow of Power Sweden F Marlaine Delargy AmazonCrossing

Christer Tholin - Guilty? (Germany, M) (tr. Christina Lagaris, Christer Tholin)
Antti Tuomainen - Little Siberia (Finland, M) (tr. David Hackston, Orenda Books)*
Helene Tursten - Winter Grave (Sweden, F) (tr. Marlaine Delargy, Soho Press)

Fred Vargas - This Poison Will Remain (France, F) (tr. Sian Reynolds, Harvill Secker)

Klaus-Peter Wolf - The Oath (Germany, M) (tr. ??, Zaffre)

A Yi - Two Lives: Tales of Life, Love and Crime (China, M) (tr. Alex Woodend, Flame Tree Press)
Seishi Yokomizo - The Honjin Murders (Japan, M) (tr. Louise Heal Kawai, Pushkin Vertigo)*

Jakub Zulczyk - Blinded by the Lights (Poland, M) (tr. Marek Kazmierski, Legend Press)

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