Sunday, November 16, 2014

Radio News: Foreign Bodies returns tomorrow on Radio 4

Mark Lawson's Foreign Bodies returns tomorrow (17/11) at 13.45 on Radio 4, for series 3. This time, "Mark Lawson examines how mystery novels have reflected five different political systems".

The first episode is about Cuba and Communism:
To complement Radio 4's major dramatisations of The Havana Quartet by Cuba's leading crime writer, Leonardo Padura, Mark Lawson examines how mystery novels have reflected five different political systems in a new series of Foreign Bodies.

In today's programme Mark Lawson explores fictional investigations of Cuba after the Castro revolution with Leonardo Padura, author of The Havana Quartet, and Caroline Garcia-Aquilera, a Cuban-American writing from exile in Miami.

Following episodes cover USA (Anti-Communism), Poland (Post-Communism), Australia (Commonwealth Democracy) and Nigeria (Post-Colonialism).

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Prithviraj said...

By reading this post on the imminent broadcast of the series 3, I became aware of the existence of a series 2! I had downloaded the Foreign Bodies from the BBC site a couple of years (or so) ago and enjoyed the listening sessions a lot. It had opened up a whole new world of European crime fiction to me which continue to fascinate me. Will some kind soul pplease share the mp3s of the season 2? If additionally season 3 files are made available in the future that would be even better. I am now located in India and I'm not sure if like the season 1, downloadable podcasts will be available at the BBC site or whether I'd even be able to access the iPlayer. So, looking forward to some love and sharing. Thank you! :-)