Monday, February 18, 2008

What can we expect from Jo Nesbo?

Well according to the Salomonsson Agency site, the rights to books #1 (The Bat Man), #6 (The Reedemer) and #7 (The Snowman) have been sold to Harvill...which just leaves #2 (The Cockroaches) unbought.
(Nos #3 (The Redbreast) and #5 (The Devil's Star) have already been published and #4 (Nemesis) is due next month.)

At the official Jo Nesbo website (written in English) there's quite a lot already on the site even though it's still under construction. It confirms the book order and titles and there are links to extracts from the books, though these aren't available yet. There is a creepy trailer for The Snowman.

There's a long interview too which refers to book eight and concludes with:
How many Harry Hole books are there in you?

“I’m not absolutely sure, but he’s a hero with the seeds of destruction in him. He won’t live forever. He is going to escape from Oslo in the next book. To Hongkong.”
Read the interview in an easier pdf format here.


Danielle said...

Thanks for the link--I skimmed it as I hate to know too much yet and ruin the surprise of reading the books. It looks as though the US has only bought rights to the three titles already published (or soon to be published) in the UK. Perhaps more will come out later, but I will probably just order them from the UK rather than hoping and waiting. Harry's quickly become one of my favorite characters--there's something appealing about him--he's so angst filled you can't help but want him to succeed. I wonder how quickly the first book will be published?

Uriah Robinson said...

Thanks,that is a really interesting interview with a lot of insights into how Jo Nesbo's mind works.