Sunday, February 03, 2008

Publishing Deal - Michael Dobbs

From The Bookseller:
Simon & Schuster has paid a substantial six-figure sum to land world rights in political thriller author Michael Dobbs' next three novels.

Managing director Ian Chapman said it was his intention to restore Dobbs "to the top end of the bestseller lists, where he resided so memorably with House of Cards". Dobbs, author of novels including First Lady and Churchill's Hour, was published by Headline for his last three books, and previously by HarperCollins. The deal was brokered by Eddie Bell at Bell Lomax, Dobbs' former publisher when he was with HC.

Bell said Dobbs was attracted by Chapman's plans to develop him into an international thriller writer. "I think the deal was more driven by chemistry between them than anything else," he said. "They really hit it off. Ian Chapman has a vision for developing Michael both here and in America. He sees him as a world-class, British thriller writer who can make a big impact across the world."

The first S&S novel, The Edge of Madness, is due in October. The book details "a new type of conflict: cyber-warfare, where computers take over from missiles, and global damnation comes at the click of a button". Dobbs will deliver a book a year to his new editor Suzanne Baboneau, S&S publishing director.

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