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New Releases - April 2024

Here's a snapshot of what I think was published for the first time in April 2024 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). 120 titles this month. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment. 

Please note that, unless specifically mentioned, when a book has differing print and ebook release date, I use the print release date. Translators' names are included where known.

Further to my post about writers of colour and the Theakston Crime Novel of the Year, I have identified the writers of colour (that I know of) with a ***.

Abell, Stig - Death in a Lonely Place #2 Jake Jackson
Adams, Jane A - The Nail #5 DI Mike Croft
Alexander, Magda - Murder at a Funeral #9 Kitty Worthington
Amsinck, Heidi - Back From the Dead #3 Jensen
Aubrey, Daniel - Dark Island #1 Freya Sinclair, Reporter, Orkney
Bagshawe, Tilly - The Secret Keepers
Bailey, Murray - Singapore Rain (ebook only) #1 Ash Carter Novella
Black, Ricky - Street Deeds #5 Dunn Family
Bowen, Rhys (with Clare Broyles) - In Sunshine or in Shadow #20 Molly Murphy, PI, 1900s New York
Bradley, Rebecca - Shattered Silence (ebook only) #10 DI Hannah Robbins
Brolly, Matt - The Alliance
Brook, Lee - Beneath the Surface #15 West Yorkshire Crime
Brown, Benedict - The Puzzle of Parham House #13 Lord Edgington Investigates
Buchholz, Simone - The Kitchen tr. Rachel Ward #2 Chastity Riley reloaded
Bugler, Sheila - Dark Road Home
Cambridge, Colleen - A Murder Most French #2 An American In Paris Mystery
Campbell, AJ - My Perfect Marriage
Campling, Michael - Lawful Duty #1 Detective Constable Spiller, 1990s
Carroll, B M - One of Us is Missing (ebook only)
Cartwright, Jack - Into Death's Arms #12 Wild Fens Murder Mystery
Chapman, Julia - Date with Justice #9 The Dales Detective Series
Chase, Clare - Mystery on Meadowsweet Grove #12 Eve Mallow, Saxford St Peter
Chester, Fliss - Death in the Crypt #5 Cressida Fawcett, 1920s
Chowdhury, Ajay - The Spy #4 Kamil Rahman ***
Coombs, Alex - Death in Nonna's Kitchen #2 Old Forge Cafe Mystery
Dahl, Alex - Girl Friends
Davis, Lindsey - Death on the Tiber #12 Flavia Albia, the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco
Dawson, Mark - Bloodlands #23 John Milton
Dean, John - To Catch a Lie #11 Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harris
Dranfield, Wendy - Grave Mountain #7 Detective Madison Harper, Colorado
Dylan, Rhys - A Matter of Evidence #12 DCI Evan Warlow
Edwards, Mark - The Darkest Water
Ellis, Emmy - Crushed #2 DI Tracy Collier
Ellis, Emmy - Skinned #3 DI Tracy Collier
Ellis, J R - The Canal Murders #10 Detective Chief Inspector Oldroyd, Yorkshire
Fields, Helen - Profile K
Ford, P F - Death in Wild Boar Woods #6 Slater and Norman
Ford, P F - Death in the River #7 Slater and Norman
Frear, Caz - Five Bad Deeds
Freud, Emily - Her Last Summer
Gallagher, Charlie - The Girls Upstairs #9 Detective Maddie Ives
Gauntlett, A E - The Stranger at the Wedding
Giles, Stewart - The Loner #27 DS Jason Smith
Golden, Kelly - The Perfect Teacher
Golding, Julia - The Persephone Code
Grace, Fiona - A Mystery in Bloom: Murder in the Marigolds #1 Alice Bloom
Grace, Fiona - An Impossible Heist #5 The Maid and the Mansion
Hall, J M - A Clock Stopped Dead #3 Retired schoolteachers Liz, Pat and Thelma
Halsall, Rona - Bride and Groom
Hamdy, Adam (with James Patterson) - Private Monaco #19 Private series
Harris, C S - What Cannot Be Said #19 Sebastian St. Cyr, Regency England
Harte, Stephanie - Double Trouble #1 The Kennedy Twins
Heald, Ruth - My Husband's Affair
Hedges, Carol - Pride & Pestilence #11 Victorian Detectives
Hewitt, J M - The Perfect Village
Hollingdrake, Malcolm - Edge of the Land #3 Merseyside Crime Series
Horowitz, Anthony - Close to Death #5 Detective Daniel Hawthorne
Hurst, Daniel - The Doctor's Child #4 The Doctor's Wife
Hurst, Mark - My Partner's Friend
James, Ed - With Soul So Dead (ebook only) #5 DI Rob Marshall
January, Ava - The Mayfair Dagger
Jensen, Louise - The Intruders
Kara, Lesley - The Other Tenant
Kasasian, M R C - The Montford Maniac #2 Violet Thorn
Keel, Ellie - The Four
Kelly, Erin - The House of Mirrors
Kirk, JD - Where the Pieces Lie #19 DCI Logan
Lancaster, Mary - Petteril's Wife #5 Lord Petteril
Lee, M J - The Coffin in the Wall #1 DI Emma Christie
Leigh, Judy - Bloodshed on the Boards #2 Morwenna Mutton, Librarian, Cornwall
Lewis, Susan - A Sicilian Affair
Lindsay, Douglas - The Last Great Detective #6 DI Buchan
Lowe, Andrew - Tender is the North #9 DI Jake Sawyer
McDine, A J - The Baby
Mackay, N J - The Sweetheart Killer #2 DI Sebastian Locke
Maitland, K J - A Plague of Serpents #4 Daniel Pursglove
Mitchell, Caroline - The Last Guest House
Morgan, Anna-Marie - The Powys Murders #22 DI Yvonne Giles
Morrison, Lynn - The Cryptic Cold Case #7 Dora and Rex, 1920s
Mosse, Greg - The Coming Storm #2 Alexandre Lamarque
Mosse, Greg - Murder at the Theatre #3 Maisie Cooper
Murray, Andrew Hunter - A Beginner's Guide to Breaking and Entering
Nadal, Jay - Stakes Are High #11 DI Karen Heath
Negus, Trevor - The First Cut #12 DI Danny Flint
New, Jacqueline - Hand of the Wolf #3 DCI McNeill, Edinburgh
Noel, Sarah F - A Discerning Woman #6 Tabitha & Wolf
Nore, Aslak - The Sea Cemetery tr. Deborah Dawkin
North, L C - Clickbait
Organ, Emily - The Baker Street Murders #7 Augusta Peel, 1920s
Parker, Kate - Deadly Gamble #11 Olivia Denis, 1930s London
Piazza, Jo - The Sicilian Inheritance
Probyn, Jack - Death's Taste #5 DS Tomek Bowen
Puleston, Stephen - Looking Good Dead #12 Inspector Drake
Reich, Christopher - Matterhorn #1 Mac Dekker
Rutherford, Robert - Seven Days
Samuel, Peter - A Love to Remember #1 Inspector Rupert
Sargeant, Rachel - Her Deadly Friend #1 DI Steph Lewis, Gloucestershire
Sellers, Daniel - Murder on the Clyde #3 Detective Lola Harris, Glasgow
Shenjé, Kuchenga - The Library Thief ***
Sherwood, Kim - A Spy Like Me #2 Double O Trilogy (world of James Bond)
Silva, Jo - Death Comes to St Ives #3 The Edge of the World Detective Agency
Simms, Chris - Midnight Rambler
Smith, Alex - Truly Madly Deadly #15 DCI Robert Kett, Norfolk
Smith, Miranda - The Writer
Spain, Jo - The Trial
Stacey, L H - Buried Secrets
Stewart, Laura - Death at the Hunting Lodge #3 Amelia Adams, Scotland
Stockham, Alison - The New Girl
Stone, Dan - Hidden Enemy #3 Jack Kane
Sutton, Paula - The Potting Shed Murder #1 Hill House Vintage Murder Mysteries ***
Thomas, Russ - Sleeping Dogs #4 Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler, South Yorkshire
Thomas, Scarlett - The Sleepwalkers
Tyce, Harriet - A Lesson in Cruelty
Waller, Anita - The Girls Next Door
Walsh, Bridget - The Innocents #2 Variety Palace Mysteries
Whitehouse, Lucie - Last Witness #3 Ex-DI Robin Osborne, Birmingham
Whitelaw, Jonathan - The Concert Hall Killer #3 Bingo Hall Detectives
Wilkinson, Kerry - The Call
Williams, Jen - The Hungry Dark
Wingate, Marty - A Body at the Dance Hall #3 London Ladies' Murder Club

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