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New Releases - November 2023

Now arriving on [the blog] platform 1, the heavily delayed November Arrivals. Here's a snapshot of what I think was published for the first time in November 2023 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). 109 titles this month. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment. 

Please note that, unless specifically mentioned, when a book has differing print and ebook release date, I use the print release date. Translators' names are included where known.

Ace, Cathy - The Corpse with the Opal Fingers #13 Welsh-Canadian Professor Cait Morgan, Criminologist
Adams, Jane - Murder At the Wedding #9 Rina Martin, Actress
Atkinson, Heather - A Savage Feud #2 The Savage Sisters
Austin, Stephanie - A Devon Midwinter Murder #7 Juno Browne
Bailey, Elizabeth - The Hanging Cheat #10 Lady Fan
Barnes, Kerry - Callous #3 Georgie Deacon
Bateman, E C - Murder Most Antique #2 Felicia Grant, Stamford, Lincs
Beaumont, Charles - A Spy Alone #1 Oxford Spy Ring
Belsham, Alison - The Innocent Angels #3 Detective Lexi Bennett
Benedict, Alexandra - The Christmas Jigsaw Murders
Benjamin, Tom - Last Testament in Bologna #5 Daniel Leicester, Bologna
Bjork, Samuel - The Wolf tr. Charlotte Barslund #4 Holger Munch & Mia Kruger, Oslo Police
Blake, David - Bluebell Wood #10 DCI Tanner, Norfolk
Bolton, Sharon - The Fake Wife
Bond, Martha - Murder in the Grotto #2 Lottie Sprigg Country House
Bowen, Rhys - The Proof of the Pudding # 17 Lady Georgiana Rannoch ('Georgie'), 1930s Britain
Bright, Verity - Murder on the Cornish Cliffs #16 Lady Eleanor Swift, 1920s
Broadfoot, Neil - Unmarked Graves #6 Connor Fraser, Stirling
Brolly, Matt - The Railroad #2 Lynch and Rose
Brook, Lee - The West Yorkshire Ripper #11 West Yorkshire Crime
Brown, Benedict - The Christmas Bell Mystery #12 Lord Edgington Investigates
Browne, Sheryl - We All Keep Secrets
Burrowes, Grace - A Gentleman in Challenging Circumstances #3 The Lord Julian Mysteries
Caine, Michael - Deadly Game #1 DCI Harry Taylor
Carver, Will - Upstairs at the Beresford #2 The Beresford
Casey, Jane - The Outsider Castillo, Javier - The Snow Girl tr. Isabelle Scott #1 Miren Triggs
Chase, Clare - Mystery at Saltwater Cottages #11 Eve Mallow, Saxford St Peter
Chester, Fliss - Death on the Scotland Express #4 Cressida Fawcett, 1920s
Comley, M A - To Catch a Killer #11 DI Sam Cobbs
Cutler, Judith - The Dead Hand #5 Matthew Rowsley, Steward & Mrs Faulkner, Housekeeper, Victorian Era
Dalgliesh, J M - The Dead Man of Storr #2 DI Duncan McAdam, Isle of Skye
Dawson, Lucy - The Night She Lied
Dennison, Hannah - Dagger of Death at Honeychurch Hall #10 Kat Stanford
Dixon, Helena - Murder at the Highland Castle #14 Miss Underhay
Doherty, Paul - Murder Most Treasonable #22 Brother Athelstan
Dowd, Victoria - Murder Most Cold #5 Ursula Smart
Durrant, Helen H - The Ravenswood Murders #2 DCI Alice Rossi
Dylan, Rhys - No One Near #10 DCI Evan Warlow
Ellis, Joy - The Bag of Secrets #6 Matt Ballard
Enright, Robert - The Dead Of Night #1 DS Jack Townsend
Everett, F L - Murder in a Country Village #2 Edie York, 1940s
Farrar, M K - The Night Prowler #12 DI Erica Swift
Farrar, M K - Under the Surface #2 Law of Sandtown
Farrington, C J - Last Stop on the Murder Express #3 Olga Pushkin
Fielding, Liz - Murder Under the Mistletoe #2 Abby Finch, Cotswolds
Fraine, A L - Blood Red Ford #5 Detective Loxley, Nottinghamshire
Frost, Chris - The Killer's Christmas List
Gatland, Jack - Find The Lady #4 Ellie Reckless
Gatward, D J - Dark Harvest #16 DCI Harry Grimm
Gibney, Patricia - The Altar Girls #13 Detective Lottie Parker
Giles, Stewart - The Electrician #25 DS Jason Smith
Greenwood, Ross - Death at Paradise Park #2 DS Ashley Knight, Norfolk
Grimwood, Jack - Arctic Sun #3 Tom Fox
Gunnis, Emily - The Girls Left Behind
Hambling, Michael - Vicious Crimes #12 DCI Sophie Allen
Harper, Izzie - Murder in the Hot Air Balloon #4 The Wootton Windmill Mysteries
Hedgecock, Liz & Harmon, Paula - Death on the Towpath #4 Booker & Fitch
Holliday, SJI - The Party Season
Horst, Jorn Lier - Snow Fall tr. Anne Bruce #16 Chief Inspector William Wisting, Larvik
Hunt, Rosie - Murder on the Coast #5 Lady Felicity Quick, 1920s
Hurst, Daniel - My Daughter's Husband #2 My Daughter's Boyfriend
Isaka, Kotaro - The Mantis tr. Sam Malissa
Isaksen, J├│gvan - Dead Men Dancing tr. Marita Thomsen #4 Hannis Martinsson
James, Ed - A Shadow on the Door #4 DI Rob Marshall
James, Jane E - The Son-in-Law
Jardine, Quintin - The Cage #35 Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Skinner, Edinburgh
Kaya, Kerry - Justice #3 The Tempests
Kemp, Martin - The Game
Kernick, Simon - The First 48 Hours
Kobler, Seraina - Deep Dark Blue tr. Alex Roesch #1 Rosa Zambrano, Lake Zurich
Kovach, Carla - Her Deadly Promise #12 Detective Gina Harte
Kray, Roberta - Cheated
Kyriacou, Eleni - The Unspeakable Acts of Zina Pavlou
Lawler, Liz - My Husband's Lies
Leadbeater, David - The Devil's Reaper # 34 Matt Drake
Lyle, H B - Spy Hunter #4 Wiggins, 1909
Lynch, Rachel - The Rich
Mariani, Scott - The Tudor Deception 28 Ben Hope, Ex-SAS
Marsons, Angela - Bad Blood # 19 DI Kim Stone
McDermott, Alan - Ocean of Wrath #6 Eva Driscoll
McLean, Rachel & Ravensworth, Millie - Death in the West End #2 Diana Bakewell
Messina, Lynn - A Murderous Tryst #11 Beatrice Hyde-Clare, Regency era
Meyrick, Denzil - Murder at Holly House #1 Inspector Frank Grasby, 1950s
Mitchell, Caroline - The Islanders
Mosse, Greg - Murder at Bunting Manor #2 Maisie Cooper
Murphy, Kitty - Death in the Holidays #3 Dublin Drag
Nadal, Jay - Secrets to Die For #10 DI Karen Heath
Natt och Dag, Niklas - 1795: The Order of the Furies tr. Ian Giles #3 Jean Mickel Cardell
New, Jacqueline - Scars of the Past #1 DCI McNeill, Edinburgh
Oliver, Kelly - Arsenic at Ascot #4 Fiona Figg
Pearson, David - The Empty Safe Mystery #2 Wexford Homicides
Ramsay, Danielle - My Best Friend's Secret
Rankin, Ian - The Rise (ebook only) - Novella
Reid, TG - Night Comes Falling #6 DCI Bone
Roberts, Adam - The Death of Sir Martin Malprelate
Rowson, Pauline - The Hayling Island Murders #17 DI Andy Horton and his sidekick Barney Cantelli, Portsmouth
Scarrow, Simon - Rebellion #21 Macro and Cato, Roman soldiers
Smith, Alex - Unholy Saints #14 DCI Robert Kett, Norfolk
Smith, Fiona Veitch - The Pantomime Murders #2 Miss Clara Vale, 1929
Stacey, L H - The House Guest
Stevenson, Charlotte - The Serial Killer's Son
Tyler, L C - A Well-Earned Death #9 John Grey, lawyer, 1657
Upson, Nicola - Shot With Crimson #11 Josephine Tey, real-life crime writer
Walden, Celia - The Square
Walter, B P - Notes on a Murder
Ward, Sarah - The Sixth Lie #2 Mallory Dawson, Wales
Williams, T A - Murder on the Matterhorn #5 Armstrong and Oscar
Wood, Tom - Blood Debt #11 Victor, Assassin


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