Monday, July 24, 2023

Award News: Petrona Award Entries 2023

I am pleased to announce that the 43 titles that were eligible for the 2023 Petrona Award for the Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year have been entered by the publishers.

The winner of the Award will be announced online later this year.

The rules for eligibility are:
  • The submission must be in translation and published in English in the UK during the preceding calendar year ie 1 January – 31 December 2022.
  • The author of the submission must either be born in Scandinavia* or the submission must be set in Scandinavia*.
  • The submission must have been published in its original language after 1999.
(E-books that meet the above criteria may be considered at the judges’ discretion (does not include self-published titles))
*in this instance taken to be Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

More details about the award and the history behind it can be found on the Petrona Award website. The winner of the 2022 Award was Fatal Isles by Maria Adolfsson, translated from the Swedish by Agnes Broomé and published by Zaffre.

The award is sponsored by David Hicks.


[21 titles are by Female authors and 20 by Male plus 2 teams of Male and Female authors. There are 23 translators (15 Female (29 titles), 6 Male (13 titles) and 1 Female/Male collaboration (1 title)) and 6 countries are represented (24 Sweden, 6 Iceland, 7 Norway, 2 Finland, 3 Denmark and 1 Switzerland).]

Jussi Adler-Olsen - The Shadow Murders tr. William Frost (Denmark, M, Quercus) 
Maria Adolfsson - Wild Shores tr. Agnes Broomé (Sweden, F, Zaffre) 
Eva Björg Ægisdóttir  - Night Shadows tr. Victoria Cribb (Iceland, F, Orenda Books)
Stefan Ahnhem - The Final Nail  tr. Agnes Broomé (Sweden, M, Head of Zeus)
Tove Alsterdal - We Know You Remember tr. Alice Menzies (Sweden, F, Faber & Faber)
Lina Areklew - Death in Summer tr. Tara F Chace (Sweden, F, Canelo) 

Lina Bengtsdotter - For the Lost tr. Agnes Broomé (Sweden, F, Orion) 

Kjell Ola Dahl - Little Drummer tr. Don Bartlett (Norway, M, Orenda Books)
Arne Dahl - You Are Next tr. Ian Giles (Sweden, M, Harvill Secker)
Anders de la Motte - Deeds of Autumn tr. Marlaine Delargy (Sweden, M ,Zaffre)
Anders de la Motte - Dead of Winter tr. Marlaine Delargy (Sweden, M ,Zaffre) 

Katrine Engberg - The Harbour tr. Tara Chace (Denmark, F, Hodder & Stoughton)
Pascal Engman - Femicide tr. Michael Gallagher (Sweden, M, Legend Press)

Helene Flood - The Lover tr. Alison McCullough (Norway, F, MacLehose Press)

Anne Mette Hancock - The Corpse Flower tr. Tara Chace (Denmark, F, Swift Press)
Jorn Lier Horst - The Night Man tr. Anne Bruce (Norway, M, Michael Joseph)
Jorn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger - Unhinged tr. Megan Turney (Norway, M&M, Orenda Books)

Susanne Jansson - Winter Water tr. Rachel Willson-Broyles (Sweden, F, Hodder & Stoughton)
Ragnar Jonasson - Outside tr. Victoria Cribb (Iceland, M, Michael Joseph)

Anna Karolina - The Guilty One tr. Lisa Reinhardt (Sweden, F, Thomas & Mercer)
Anna Karolina - The Missing Man tr. Lisa Reinhardt (Sweden, F, Thomas & Mercer)
Lars Kepler - The Mirror Man tr. Alice Menzies (Sweden, F&M, Zaffre)

Camilla Lackberg & Henrik Fexeus - Trapped tr. Ian Giles (Sweden, F&M, HarperCollins)
David Lagercrantz - Dark Music tr. Ian Giles (Sweden, M, MacLehose Press)
Jónína Leósdóttir - Deceit tr. Quentin Bates (Iceland, F, Corylus Books)
Ruth Lillegraven - Blood Ties tr. Diane Oatley (Norway, F, AmazonCrossing)

Niklas Natt och Dag - 1794: The City Between the Bridges tr. Ebba Segerberg (Sweden, M, Baskerville)
Hakan Nesser - The Axe Woman tr. Sarah Death (Sweden, M, Mantle) 

Sólveig Pálsdóttir - Harm tr. Quentin Bates (Iceland, F, Corylus Books)

Petra Rautianen - Land of Snow and Ashes tr. David Hackston (Finland, F, Pushkin Press)
Hans Rosenfeldt - Cry Wolf tr. Elizabeth Clark Wessel (Sweden, M, HarperCollins)
Anders Roslund - Sweet Dreams tr. Elizabeth Clark Wessel (Sweden, M, Harvill Secker)

Joachim B Schmidt - Kalmann tr. Jamie Lee Searle (Switzerland, M, Bitter Lemon Press)
Lilja Sigurdardottir - Red as Blood tr. Quentin Bates (Iceland, F, Orenda Books)
Yrsa Sigurdardottir  - The Fallout tr. Victoria Cribb (Iceland, F, Hodder & Stoughton)
Gustaf Skördeman - Codename Faust tr. Ian Giles (Sweden, M, Zaffre)
Gunnar Staalesen - Bitter Flowers tr. Don Bartlett (Norway, M, Orenda Books)
Malin Stehn - Happy New Year tr. Rachel Willson-Broyles (Sweden, F, Penguin)
Viveca Sten - Buried in Secret tr. Marlaine Delargy (Sweden, F, AmazonCrossing)
Viveca Sten - Hidden in Snow tr. Marlaine Delargy (Sweden, F, AmazonCrossing)

Antti Tuomainen - The Moose Paradox tr. David Hackston (Finland, M, Orenda Books)

Silje O Ulstein - Reptile Memoirs tr. Alison McCullough (Norway, F, Grove Press UK)
Christian Unge - A Grain of Truth tr. George Goulding & Sarah De Senarclens (Sweden, M, MacLehose Press)

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