Thursday, August 29, 2019

My Top Ten Crime Fiction Books by Women in Translation

As it's August and 'Women in Translation' month, here are my top ten eleven favourite books by Women in Translation, taken from the lifespan of the Euro Crime blog/website/Facebook page up to the end of 2018. Links are to my reviews on the Euro Crime website:

Karin Fossum - Don't Look Back tr. Felicity David, Norway
Karin Fossum - Calling Out for You! tr. Charlotte Barslund, Norway

Sissel-Jo Gazan - The Dinosaur Feather tr. Charlotte Barslund, Denmark

Anne Holt - Death in Oslo tr. Kari Dickson, Norway

Asa Larsson - Until Thy Wrath be Past tr. Laurie Thompson, Sweden

Dominique Manotti - Dead Horsemeat tr. Amanda Hopkinson and Ros Schwartz, France

Liza Marklund - The Bomber tr. Kajsa Von Hofsten (2003) (& Neil Smith 2011), Sweden

Claudia Pineiro - Thursday Night Widows tr. Miranda France, Argentina

Yrsa Sigurdardottir - The Silence of the Sea tr. Victoria Cribb, Iceland (Petrona Award winner)

Fred Vargas - This Night's Foul Work tr. Sian Reynolds, France
Fred Vargas - The Three Evangelists tr. Sian Reynolds, France

Also very worth seeking out with consistently good series are Kati Hiekkapelto, Camilla Lackberg and Kristina Ohlsson.


Harvee said...

I have to put these authors on my list. I've been reading Swedish writer, Viveca Sten, in translation of course.

Serrah Miles said...

These crime fiction books should be on my list.